Integrating Nature into Psychotherapy

The research I completed for my Master’s thesis was on the integration of Nature into Psychotherapy practice.  The benefits of nature to our physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual wellbeing have long been established and have recently been incorporated into mainstream medicine through the Green Prescription Programme. According to the HSE, the Green Prescription is based on the idea that activity in nature results in positive outcomes for both physical and mental health. The integration of Nature into Psychotherapy is a relatively new and exciting development.  My approach to Nature Therapy is influenced by my training, my own MSc. research (presented as an IAHIP Conference paper), and the growing body of international studies and literature on Nature Therapy, Nature Based Rehabilitation and Eco Therapy.  

Nature may occasionally be integrated into your therapy through encouraging you to engage with nature in a mindful way between sessions, through the use of natural materials in the therapy room, by fostering the benefits of a room with a view and where appropriate to your individual needs, by taking therapy sessions outdoors.  This may not suit everyone so only occurs if you are interested in engaging in this process and after discussion.